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Water Damage

modepics6Water Damage

Our professional water damage team is available 24/7 for all types of water damage services. If water has damaged your home in any way, we are here to make it better. You want to first make sure the water supply in your home is turned off and that you and your family are in a safe place. Outdoors is usually the safest place as long as the water damage is not caused due to a hurricane or other natural disaster. A burst pipe or overflowed toilet can flood a large family home within hours, therefore timing is crucial and Union Water Damage & Restoration has water damage emergency teams available and awaiting your call. Our water damage specialists are pre equipped and uniformed at all times of the day in order to guarantee the fastest response possible.

Water Removal

Our water removal technicians are trained and experienced with all cases of water removal from a burst pipe or AC leak to a toilet overflow and even a natural disaster. We value your safety and hold pride in our rapid response time. The water removal process is done using state of the art equipment with extreme pressure vacuum systems. We make sure that the water removal service completely removes all the water and we will treat your home for any mildew growth or mold buildup. If your house has excessive amounts of water you should call our water removal department immediately in order to prevent the situation from only getting worse. If you would like to charge this service to your insurance company, water removal services are approved with direct insurance billing and Plantation Mold removal is pre approved with most Insurance policies.

Water Extraction

water extraction services require an immediate response in order make the water extraction service completely successful. High powered pressure vacuums are used in the process and dryers are usually left overnight from 1 – 5 days depending on the amount of water originally being extracted. water extraction is not quite the same as water removal as with water extraction, the professional technicians will extract water from places you might not know the water existed. The goal is not to leave ANY water behind whether it is in the carpet or hiding between the walls of your home. The slightest bit of water can eventually lead to mildew which will grow to mold within time. water extraction is fully covered with most insurance companies and Plantation mold removal direct insurance billing department is pre approved with most companies. Call our water extraction service department immediately and witness our rapid response time first hand.

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