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Leak Detection

Leak Detection Plantation FL


  • FREE Leak Detection: We will perform the initial basic leak detection FREE using cutting edge technology such as infrared cameras & borescope video cameras to see behind walls. 75% of leaks are found during the initial basic leak detection.
  • Upon approval we can begin repair services immediately
  • We find the leak and its source
  • We estimate the damage and instruct you accordingly regarding repairs
  • We analyze your insurance policy to see if you qualify for a claim
  • 24 hour service for emergency leakks

FREE Leak Detection

Plantation Fl Mold Inspection offers free leak detection for all basic leaks found during the first inspection. Our certified leak detection specialists are trained and experience using state of the art equipment with cutting edge technology. Our technicians will use moisture detection to measure the moisture behind walls and determine where the leak originates from as well as where it has settled. We also use infrared leak detection devices to find the small leaks around window sills and behind walls. A video borescope will give us a video recording of behind your walls for the tech and the customer to see without damaging your walls. Leaks often lead to mold or are a common indicator of present mold nearby. By finding the leak we can not only perform mold removal efficiently but can prevent mold spores from forming where they haven’t already.

How can a small leak affect a property?

Small leaks are usually sources of small pipe cracks or minor ac damage. A small leak can mean a drop an hour or a drop a day. This can ultimately lead to extreme water damage if affecting an inner wall where not visible for months at times. Mold growth begins with moisture build up in a dark environment which can mean behind your walls, under kitchen cabinets, attics, etc. It takes about 24 48 hours for mold spores to form and reproduction follows the same pattern. A basic mold inspection and leak detection can be performed simultaneously to prevent both from happening or stop both while accessible. Water will always travel when given the opportunity and therefore a small leak can eventually lead to one that’s much more complex. If you feel you have a leak of some sort or need mold removal and remediation feel free to contact us to schedule a FREE mold inspection or leak detection today.

How do you find a leak?

There are many different ways to detecting an ongoing leak. Finding a leak beyond the naked eye requires help from our modern day technology. Our certified mold detection technicians are trained to use cutting edge technology which is built to find and detect leaks using the temperature let off from the moisture. Water will always elevate the temperature in a specific area which can be detected using a moisture detection device that measures the temperature behind your walls. Visible water stains are not always a direct sign of a leak or mold because in many cases this means it has dried. In the case of water stains we would use an infrared detection device to locate any heat waves which will mean a live leak is present. Where a live leak is present, the technician will then use the video borescope which will give him and the customer a recorded view of behind the walls for any signs of mold or heavy moisture.

Leak detection leading to water damage

Leaks can lead to a variety of different problems starting from plumbing problems and leading to water damage, flood damage, and mold damage. Finding the leak will help you either avoid these problems or repair them before they excel to a point of irreparable. Finding a leak is crucial to property damage control as the smallest leak can lead to the most extensive damage. Water makes its way through crevices and can settle their eventually forming to mold and spreading. A high build up of moisture can lead to water damage behind walls as well as baseboards. This can lead to water damage in a property and performing necessary restoration services would be required in this case. Water damage services are commonly covered by you home owners insurance. Check with our insurance billing department for further information and a specialist will overview your policy.



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